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WikiPigskin is a collaborative fantasy football reference created and maintained by fantasy football fanatics like yourself.

We are a community of Fantasy Football fans and we provide a place where users to share Fantasy Nuggets (small snippets of fantasy information, news, analysis) and other types of content.  Users gain WikiRep as they share content and get followers.

We also provide our own Fantasy Football analysis and expert Rankings.  User's can subscribe to access Custom Rankings and value added features throughout the site.

All parts of the Wiki are free and free to edit by trusted users.  

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How Fantasy Nuggets Work

WikiPigskin Fantasy Nuggets provide a quick way for user's to share fantasy information, analysis and updates.  Whether it be interest stats, compelling fantasy analysis or another snippet of information, Fantasy Nuggets are a fast and easy way to share your fantasy knowledge with the Fantasy Football Community.

How it works...

1) A user adds a Fantasy Nugget and may choose the player or team they are refering and may even select the specific matchup.

2) Once the users' Nugget is appproved and published by moderators, the Nugget is availble for all to see in the Nuggets section as well as in the appropriate page.  For instance, if a Nugget is about Wes Welker's outlook vs Oakland, the Nugget will appear on Wes Welker's wiki page, Wes Welker's player page and the Denver/Oakland Wiki Matchup page .  The Author of the Nugget earns 1 WikiRep point for each published Nugget.

3) Other user's can then "agree" with the Nugget if they wish.  The Author of the Nugget earns 1 WikiRep point for every time another user "agrees" with it.  The "agree" flag can be used even if the Nugget is a stat, in this case the "agree" would represent that the Nugget has been confirmed.

4) WikiPigskin Contributors and Writer's will then Commit the Nugget to their respective Wiki Pages or Wiki Matchups. Commit simple means that it'll be add to the write-up in that wiki.  If the Nugget is found to be repeated or otherwise not appropriate the Nugget will be rejected and unpublished, at which point the original Author of the Nugget will be deducted the point that they received for the Nugget's publication.  Any WikiRep points the Author earned from "agrees" will be kept.  

5) The Fantasy Nugget thus becomes part of the Wiki Page or Wiki Matchup.

Fantasy Nuggets are a great way to show what you know and earn WikiRep points! 

Gain 500 WikiRep points and automatically become a Contributor which means you'll be able to Add and Edit Wiki Pages as well as editing Wiki Matchups.

Gain 2000 WikiRep and you'll automatically receive a full WikiPigskin Membership and access to Custom Rankings, Draft Tools, premium content and more...

Start today and Add a Nugget!